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Properties Of Shaligram (10 INCARNATION + OTHER)



This is the first incarnation of Vishnu. Matsya or the Fish incarnation. In this form Vishnu saved the Saint Vaivaswata. Worshipping this auspicious Shaligram brings immense wealth and worldly comforts . Bestows the worshipper with austerity and philanthropy . The environment of the beholder"s house and workplace becomes pious and all negativity is removed . There is a big "flow of wealth" takes place and devotee can accumulate immense wealth. A peaceful environment prevails in his surroundings. Matsya Shaligrama also provides sixth sense of the worshipper to see the future things happening. Matsya Shaligram is a very powerful Shila and it removes the Vastu Dosha also and brings prosperity and peace in the devotees place. By worshipping this Shila an issueless woman is blessed with a virtuous son.


Kurma is the second form of Lord Krishnas incarnation. At the Churning of the Ocean, Vishnu as Kurma ( the tostoise) offered his back as a pivot on which to rest the Mount Mandara, used as a churning stick by gods and demons during Sagar Manthan. The worshipper of this shaligram gets immense PERSEVERANCE, strong will power, patience, wealth and happiness in his life. He gets support of one and all, in accomplishing his works sucessfully.He is bestowed with all the wordly comforts and usually gets astonishing success in business and service. The Kurma shaligram also works as a shield against all evil forces and gives immense protection to the worshipper.


Varaha or the Boar incarnation of Vishnu is the third incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. He killed the demon Hiranyaksha, recovered the stolen Veda's and released the Earth from the bottom of the ocean. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection and occult / black magic does not work on him. He is bestowed with good health, knowledge and all his six senses work to perfection . He gets support of nature in all his endeavours . He gets wordly comforts and peaceful environment through out his life. Those who are into speculative business can get immense benefit out of worshipping this shaligrama. Worshipper commands a good respect, name and fame in the society.


Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu . Narasimha or the Lion incarnation as a creature who was half-lion and half-man, Vishnu killed the demon Hiranyakashyap, brother of Hiranyaksha, who had gained the boon of immunity from attacks by man, beast or God.This is a very rare shaligram. One who worships Narsimha Shaligram gets immense protection from his enemies. The opponents and the enemies of the worshipper vanishes and are sent to hell.No black magic or any type of occult works on him. He becomes fearless and gets success in all his endeavours. He can take on any challange and emerge out to be a winner. His confidence level goes to a very high mark and is invincible. He enjoys immense wealth , health and remains always attached to the God.


Vamana or the dwarf incarnation is the fifth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Vamana killed the demon Bali, who had gained dominion over the Earth and had chased the Gods from the heavens. The worshipper of Vamana gets immense strength to fight against all odds, evils and enemies . His enemies do not get any place in the complete "Triloka" . He becomes invincible and take on any challenge which comes in his way and emerge out as a winner.He gains confidence and wisdom and is respected and recognised in his sphere of work. The worshipper of this Shaligrama is very successful in businesses pertaining to Gold, metal, diamonds and precious gems. The worshipper of Vaman gets immense success without being much noticed. Nothing appears impossible to the worshipper to achieve
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